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Educational Software and Web 2.0
This wiki says it all! Susie Vesper has put together a fantastic wiki with hundreds of resources for different educational applicatons, Web 2.0 and digital image and video resources. Anything you could possibly want is included here! The wiki is being added to and updated all the time so make sure you keep an eye on it.

Cool Tools for Schools - This wiki has a heap of useful Web 2.0.tools for schools. Another of Lenva Shearing's fantastic resources. See more from Lenva on the wikis and blogs page.

Bling for your Blog - An excellent blog from Alannah King (who is also an ICT cluster facilitator) which tells you all you need to know about setting up a blog and adding all the goodies to it!

Big Huge Labs- cool things to create with your digital photos; posters, jigsaws, calendars, trading cards and more

Animoto - music videos for your images and pictures

Animoto in your classroom Pt1

Animoto in your classroom Pt2

How to add animoto slideshow to your blog - a "how to" from Alannah King's Bling for your Blog.

Interesting ways to use Wordle and Voicethread in your classroom