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Rangiora Borough School Maths Wiki

Census at School - NZ An online survey for Year 5 to Year 10 students (August - September) which provides real, relevant data to enhance statistical enquiry across the curriculum.

NZ Maths online -This website is developed and maintained by Maths Technology Ltd on contract to the Ministry of Education. It aims to provide a range of high quality, up-to-date resources and information for teachers of mathematics in New Zealand schools.

Digital Learning Objects

Primary Resources: Maths - Huge number of resources here. Lots of PowerPoints to download to use with your Activboard. Some flipcharts available here too.

Addition Attack- Put the headphones on for this one!! The space ship must 'hit' the correct answer to addition equations.
Progressive and fun!

apple for the teacher - Games and interactive activities for NE and early years.

Base10- Help BT Bear catch Base 10s.

BBC Maths

Brainbashers - A collection of brain teasers, puzzles, riddles, games etc. Has regular updates of challenges and problems.

Budgie Buying- Adding and Subtracting Money

Cool Maths - Wealth of activities here - even an online Maths dictionary and reference section.

Count On - A collection of links to games, and other resources.

Count on Explorer - Another link within the Count On website. This has a large number of activities.

CWA Interactives - Interactive activities - great sounds too - you might need the headsets for some of these! There are maths, science, spelling and maori links from this site.

Fun School Maths Games - A collection of games that focus on a variety of mathematical areas - fractions, basic facts, patterns, counting skills, number recognition. Covers a wide range of ages and abilities. Put on the head phones though - every game seems to have very loud sound effects!

Game Aquarium - Ideal for NE

ICT Games - Good for maths/numeracy games

Interactive Clock - Ideal for helping to teach how to tell the time.

Little G - More for NEs.

Mathletics - Children can practice and learn aspects of maths, and compete against others around the world at the same time.

Mathonaire - Who wants to be a Mathonaire?

Maths is Fun - Activites, games, puzzles and quizzes.

Numberland - Click on the number you wish to find out more about and learn a number of facts about this number. Would be great with middle/senior schools students with a number of the day/week.

Rainforest Maths - Numeracy and Maths Games

Sudoku- Sodoku online, daily soduku, jigsaw soduku . . . All the sudoku you need!!

TimesTables Emporium

WickEd Maths QuizITs - Some wonderful interactive quizzes here.

NewZealand Association Of Maths Teachers - Heaps of links listed on this site. Great for extension work.

mathFROG - Fun resources and online games. Grade 4, 5, 6.

NumberNut - is a GIGANTIC collection of Flash applets devoted to math concepts that is ideal for fact review or class presentation via an interactive whiteboard:

Tutpup - great resources here for numeracy

Times Tables Video
ideas in this video for learning times tables

Interactive Fraction Sites

Super Fraction Sites - huge range of fraction activities

Funbrain odd fraction out

Soccer Fraction Shootout - Activities involving the four operations and with various levels of difficulty

Equivalent Fractions

What does it look like? - Get a visual on what a fraction looks like

Pizza Fractions - A fun way to learn about fractions

Flitting with Fractions - Simplifying Fractions

The Decifractor - Converting fractions to decimals

Mathematics Blackline Masters - Blackline masters for all sorts of maths activities