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The links on this page are for great for using with Interactive Whiteboards. Most of them are English sites and have lots of great ideas.

General Resources

Promethean Planet UK - a huge number of flipcharts, resource packs, help forum, etc. Need to keep a regular check on this site as resources are added almost daily.

Activinspire Lessons Activinspire basic lessons from Chris Betcher

Interactive Whiteboard Resources - Resources up to Key Stage 2, Literacy, Maths, etc.

Interactive Whiteboard Resources - British site with resources organised in age levels right up to secondary level.

Interactive Whiteboard Resources - This site has heaps of resources for all levels. Most need Macromedia Flash Player.

The Famous Five Learning Network- a group of five schools who have joined together to share their resources. Up to Yr 5 & 6.

What 2 Learn - Resources and games for Yr7 & 8.

Buzzin Learning - interactive site for 9-13 year olds.

TeacherLED - A mixture of resources on this site.


Teachit English Teaching Resources - a huge number of resources for teaching English in the upper school.

LookyBook - Picture books you can discover, share and talk about. Great for juniors to use on Activboard.

Interactive Books - interactive books in all languages, including Maori

Interactive Story Books online - lots of interactive books for juniors/lower middle

StoryLine online -
is a production of the Screen Actor’s Guild Foundation and features book readings by many popular, current actors and actresses that today’s kids will recognize. The stories are presented in well-produced videos in full stereo with great visual effects. Each story also features a list of “related activities” and a downloadable, colorful “Activity Guide” (click here for a sample, 47kb .PDF) with probing questions, discussion starters, story prompts, information about the story, the celebrity reader, and more.

National Gallery of Art - lots of interactive art activities.

Oxfam Education - resources for developing the global dimension in the classroom. Ideas and resources for all age levels.

Mrnussbaum Interactive Games - some good maths games here. Fractions, decimals, place value etc.

Gamequarium - most curriculum areas for Y0 - 8

PBS kids - suitable for juniors

Woodlands Games- suitable for all levels

Sadlier Oxford- suitable all levels

AAAMath - again suitable for all levels

Starfall - reading, writing suitable new entrants to Year 1

National Library 0f Virtual Maniplulatives - Maths site - suitable for all levels

Roy the Zebra - Guided Reading and interactive games with Roy the Zebra - great junior site.

Classroom Tools - a site with all sorts of interactive tools that you can use in your lesson planning. All sorts of templates and

Interactive books online - more interactive books. some Maori titles included on this site. Search for books from NZ.

I Know That - Lots of interactive activities for maths, language, science and other areas.

BBC Skillwise - Numbers - Whole numbers - Maths Activities